On January 31, 2021, Pastor Cecil F. Gray retired from fulltime pastoral duties after over fifty years at First Assembly. He served in pastoral ministry over fifty-eight years and as an minister of the Gospel for over sixty-five years. His eldest son, Frank Gray, has stepped in to fill the gap after being chosen by the First Assembly of God on February 7, 2021.


He has served the past few years as Song Leader, Sunday School Teacher, and Associate Minister at First Assembly. He knows and teaches the Bible truth just like his dad which is what the people of First Assembly want to hear. We will continue to be what some call an old-fashioned traditional church with the classical songbooks and music we grew up with.

He comes at a time when the church is looking at selling the present location and finding another in an area closer to our members who live more west of the city of Savannah. Many churches have found this to be their need as time passes and communities change. Living in a mobile society as we do today presents many challenges but God leads the way to go. Over forty-two years in this one location has been a blessing He gave us.

Pastor & Sister Gray

Pastor and Sister Gray will continue to attend First Assembly which is the desire of everyone there and especially their son, Pastor Frank Gray. We would not like to lose them and their fellowship which we have enjoyed these many years so “Thank You Lord!”