The First Assembly of God - Sav. GA

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The First Assembly Band


Sister Doris Conner is an accomplished pianist and musician since she also plays the organ and accordian expertly. She is certainly a blessing to our band and our music program. We enjoy the inspirational music coming for her keyboards.

Greg Canady is our guitarist extraordinaire as he shares his vast musical knowledge through his beautiful music.


Complimenting our string music section is Brother Tommy Conner on the violin. Brother Tommy's father, T. G. Conner, Sr., was one of the founding members of First Assembly in 1928.


D. W. Canady does an excellent job on the drums and helps keep the band rhythmatic and exciting as well as inspirational.


Tamborines are always welcome just as here we have Sister Hilda Bashlor playing her instrument from her pew.


Frank Gray with his trombone & clarinet, which is only a part of the instruments that he has developed a great ability to use for his musical contribution to our band.

Ralph Bashlor, Sr. is another highly talented musician who shares his skills with the saxophone, piccolo and flute with our band.